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Xenonics Names President of SuperVision™ Division

Xenonics Holdings, Inc. Press Release - 11/15/2006

Former Surefire LLC executive Cameron Hopkins Will Lead The SuperVision™ Product Division

Xenonics NighthunterII

Xenonics NighthunterII

CARLSBAD, Ca. - XENONICS HOLDINGS, INC. (AMEX:XNN) announced today that E. Cameron N. Hopkins has joined the company as president of the new SuperVision™ division of Xenonics. SuperVision™ is a patented new "night vision" device that utilizes digital technology to produce high-resolution night imaging with significantly improved performance over existing forms of conventional "night vision" equipment. Prior to joining Xenonics, Hopkins was employed at SureFire LLC, a manufacturer of illumination tools, sound suppressors and other tactical products for law enforcement, military and commercial applications. Hopkins served as vice president of sales and marketing and, subsequently, as vice president of corporate development from 2001 to 2006.

"Xenonics is fortunate to have an executive of this caliber to lead the SuperVision product division," said Alan Magerman, Chairman of Xenonics. "During his tenure at SureFire, Cameron was the architect who rebuilt their entire sales program and orchestrated a series of brilliant marketing initiatives that brought the SureFire brand to the forefront. Both his colleagues and his competitors are quick to acknowledge that Cameron was the visionary who led SureFire to such rapid growth and brand recognition."

During his nearly six years with the privately held California-based company, sales grew over 500 percent. Hopkins built a team of sales representatives that covered the United States, Canada and over 40 foreign countries, culminating in over 2,000 authorized dealers and international distributors. Additionally, Hopkins was responsible for developing key strategic alliances and identifying potential new markets.

"SuperVision represents a dramatic improvement in the whole genre of night vision equipment, literally redefining the category," Hopkins said. "Xenonics has charged me with developing a fresh business plan and building a sales program from the ground up, which is both a challenge and an opportunity. I look forward to synergizing the marketing and sales programs to deliver the sort of growth that has been my good fortune to leave as a legacy at SureFire."

Hopkins, 50, holds a masters degree in international journalism from Baylor University. He has served as a marketing consultant to several private companies in the firearms industry and was the editor-in-chief of the Firearms Marketing Group from 1984 to 2001, prior to joining SureFire.

About Xenonics

Xenonics develops and produces advanced, lightweight and compact ultra high intensity illumination and low light viewing products for military, law enforcement, public safety, and commercial and private sector applications. Currently, NightHunter® products are in use by every branch of the U.S. Armed Forces as well as a wide variety of law enforcement and security agencies. Using its breakthrough patented technology, Xenonics provides innovative solutions for customers that demand the ability to see farther so that they can do their job better and safer. Xenonics' products deliver a quantum leap in performance over other illumination and low light viewing technologies and represent the next generation in small, high intensity, high efficiency illumination and low light viewing systems.

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